Massage Treatment
Registered Massage Therapy: Massage practice is a therapeutic, integral healing relationship in which the therapist assists the client in restoring, maintaining andenhancing their well-being. Oakville Abbeywood Spa offers hot stone massage therapy for pain relief, relaxation and wellness. Hot Stone Massage is a relaxing way of reducing tension, muscle stiffness and pain. Disinfected, water heated stones are placed on the body at specific points, promoting a deeper muscle relaxation in your body. Abbeywood spa combines a massage with the hot stone to create a very relaxing and effective treatment. Our hot stone massage therapist will ensure your skin is brighter and more radiant.

Massage Treatment

30 minutes   $50
45 minutes   $65
60 minutes   $78
90 minutes   $115

Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes   $89
90 minutes   $129